Christmas Writing Prompts

Writing About the Christmas Season

From plates of delicious Christmas cookies to piles of elaborately wrapped gifts sitting around the tree, Christmas offers plenty of inspiration for writers. However, it can sometimes be hard to decide where to begin your story. If you're suffering from a bad case of writer's block, using these Christmas-themed prompts may be helpful.

Christmas Traditions

What is your favorite Christmas tradition? Do you enjoy baking cookies? Do you like to go caroling? Describe your favorite Christmas activity and why it is a special part of your holiday celebration.

Holiday Spirit

What does it mean to have the holiday spirit? Is this a trait people are born with or something that they can develop with practice?

Shopping for Christmas Gifts

How do you shop for Christmas gifts? Do you pick up items for loved ones throughout the year or are you a last-minute shopper? Would you describe yourself as a "good" gift giver?

The Best Christmas Gift

Describe the best Christmas gift you have ever received. What made this present special? Who gave you this gift? How did you feel when you opened the package?

The Worst Christmas Gift

What is the worst Christmas present you have ever received? Who gave you this gift? Why was the gift inappropriate for the occasion? How did you feel when you opened the package?

The Commercialization of Christmas

Do you think that Christmas has become too commercialized? If so, what could the people do as a country to bring the celebration back to its original intention?

All About Santa

When did you first realize that Santa was not real? How did you feel when you discovered the truth behind this Christmas tradition?

Growing Up

How has your perception of Christmas changed from when you were a child? Does having the responsibility of decorating, cooking, shopping for gifts, and organizing family celebrations turn Christmas into just another item on your to-do list? If so, how do you think you could recapture some of your lost holiday spirit?

More Ideas

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Christmas Writing Prompts