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Speculative writing prompts can be an excellent way to overcome a case of writer's block. Speculative writing, sometimes called non-thesis writing, is writing that provides a narrative. The writer is not necessarily trying to prove a point, nor does he need to come to a definite conclusion at the end of the piece. The following speculative writing prompts from LoveToKnow Freelance Writing can be used as warm-up exercises or as the basis for work you submit for publication.

Cheaters Never Win


After several weeks of work, Tom hands in a report for his English class. His friend James hands in a report that he copied off the Internet. Both students receive the same grade for their work. How might Tom feel in this situation?

A Missing Item


Beth has carefully packed her suitcase for her trip to Europe, but when she arrives at her destination she discovers something important is missing. What do you think the missing item is, and how will she deal with the situation?

Big Trouble


Madison has discovered that she can't find the engagement ring her fiancé gave her last week. She has two hours before she must leave to meet his parents for the first time. What happens next?

You're the Star


Imagine you are given the chance to live one day in the setting of your favorite movie. Write a story about what happens during this experience.

The Concert


You have two tickets to see your favorite band in concert. You were going to ask your best friend to the show, but then you discovered that a coworker who is going through some tough personal problems loves this band as well. What do you do?

The Blizzard


An unexpected blizzard has dropped two feet of snow on your town. The power is out and nobody is prepared for the weather. What happens next in this speculative writing prompt?

For more writing prompts, please review the LoveToKnow Freelance Writing slideshow Writing Prompts and Ideas.

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Speculative Writing Prompts