Expository Writing Prompts

Easy Expository Writing Prompts


Expository writing prompts help you develop the ability to write in a way that explains, informs, and describes. You can find examples of expository writing in newspapers and in magazines, as well as in your favorite nonfiction books.

The following writing prompts from LoveToKnow Freelance Writing can be used to begin projects you hope to submit for publication or as a simple warm up for working on your own original idea.

Lessons Learned


Write an essay about the most important lesson you have learned outside of the classroom.

Welcome Home


Your best friend from college is looking for a new place to live. Write a letter explaining why she should move to your town.

Everday Heroes


Write a profile of a person you admire, listing all of the traits that make this person special. Give examples that are as specific and detailed as possible. (The person can be a friend, a family, member, or a celebrity.)

Just a Dream


Describe the strangest dream you've ever had.

Looking Back


Write a letter to your future grandchildren describing an important news event, such as the 9-11 terrorist attacks, and the ways in which that event affected your life.

Cooking in the Kitchen


Explain how to make your favorite meal.

Old-Fashioned Fun


Describe how you would keep busy if you were told you could have no access to a computer, TV, or video games for one week.

For more writing prompts, including ideas for expository writing, please review the LoveToKnow Freelance Writing Journal Writing Prompts slideshow.

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Expository Writing Prompts