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Direct Response Copywriter

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One of the most lucrative careers in the writing industry is that of direct response copywriter. These specialists can earn big money because their sole job is to make consumers open up their wallets for the products they write about, and clients are willing to pay top-dollar for that conversion. While successful novelists live the romantic life most people dream about when they think of the writer's life, they are few and far between. In reality, it's the copywriter who enjoys a bounty of work and a higher-than-average income.

What Is Direct Response Copywriting?

Everything you read and hear on a daily basis is copy. From the articles and advertisements in your local newspaper to the commercials on television and radio to the words found on most professional websites, each and every word is written by a copywriter.

Direct response copywriting is a specialty in the copywriting field. This type of copy is meant to make consumers or business owners want to buy whatever it is the copy is selling. There's no waiting until tomorrow, the point is to make the sale immediately, while the customer is emotionally connected to the product.

The Basics of Direct Response Copywriting

Direct response copywriters take the time necessary to get to know the target audience and the product they are writing about. They break it down into two categories - features and benefits.


When a copywriter mentions the features of a product, they're giving the customer the nuts and bolts of the product. This typically includes:

  • What it is
  • What it does
  • How it does it
  • Physical properties
  • Special functions
  • What sets it apart from the competition
  • Warranty information and more


After the features are revealed, the copywriter then mentions the benefits one can experience by using the product or service. When discussing the benefits, the copywriter focuses on why the consumer simply must have the product or service. This can include:

  • It helps save money
  • It helps save time or energy
  • It makes life easier
  • It makes your business run better
  • It makes you healthier or happier
  • It affects your life on a positive scale

Targeting Emotions

Almost every consumer buys on impulse, and it's the copywriter's goal to get them to do it. They do this effectively by targeting the emotions of the audience. If the product is a piece of exercise equipment, then the copywriter tells the reader how the product will change their figure, improve their sex life and help them live a longer, happier life. As the reader reads the copy, they're telling themselves, "I do want a better figure," "I do want a better sex life," and "I do want to be around for my grandkids." Then, the copy tells the reader how this product can help them achieve their goals, in a way that's easier than they've ever imagined. By promising the consumer the results they deep down want, and by backing it up with data (via testimonials or research information), the person is transformed from a reader to a customer.

Closing the Sale - The CTA

Another specialty of copywriters is the Call to Action (CTA). This is the piece of copy that basically tells the consumer that they need to buy now. The CTA typically mentions a special limited-time offer, a money-back guarantee or a special free gift if the individual makes the purchase within a set time frame. The CTA is the last tug on the emotional chords and when written properly, it's what seals the deal.

How to Become a Direct Response Copywriter

There are many courses available for learning the art of direct response copywriting. One of the most popular and successful is AWAI's Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting. Other courses for copywriting include:

Direct Response Copywriter