Descriptive Writing Prompts

About Descriptive Writing Prompts

Descriptive writing prompts can be useful tools for overcoming writer's block or simply getting you in the habit of practicing writing on a daily basis. In descriptive writing, the goal is to make the reader feel as though he is part of the scene. You will be encouraged to write using figurative language, active verbs, sensory adjectives, and vivid modifiers.

Use the following selection of descriptive writing prompts to help you get started on your next writing project.

Describing the Villian

Imagine this person will be the villain in a short story that you are writing. Create a brief character profile that describes physical traits such as height, weight, hair color, and clothing choices as well as any behavioral characteristics that would be important to the development of the story.


Describe how this person has achieved success. Do you think success is due to luck, hard work, or a combination of the two factors? Why?

A Dog's Life

Write two short descriptions of this scene - one from the dog's point of view and one from the woman's point of view. How does perspective help influence your interpretation of a series of events?

A Dancer on Stage

Describe how a dancer uses her body to communicate ideas and feelings to the audience. What distinguishes a truly gifted dancer from the typical person?


What is the atmosphere like in this casino? How do you think the people in the group will feel if only one person ends up winning money and the rest go home broke?

Abstract Art

Descriptive writing prompts often involve describing an inanimate object. How would you describe this painting if you saw it in a museum? How does abstract art use color, form, and shape to convey emotion?

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Descriptive Writing Prompts