Writers and Sedentary Lifestyle


Most occupations have some form of a drawback to them, but writers and sedentary lifestyles can become a health risk quite easily. Sometimes writers spend so much time sitting and working that they don't get the recommended amount of exercise.

Occupational Hazard

Writing is a little different from other occupations for a few reasons:

  • Unless you have a person transcribe your words, or if you use a voice recognition software program, you probably spend a great deal of time sitting at a desk.
  • When writers get on a roll, they don't want to stop. This can equal long hours at a desk.
  • Freelance writers often take on more projects than they can handle, and this can also lead to long hours sitting in one place while trying to reach deadlines.
  • Writing is often a solitary activity, so there may not be people around to remind you to get up and stretch.

Although there are plenty of other occupations that can lead to inactivity, writers who have a true passion for their work may throw all other needs out the window while working on a big project. Some writers have been known to disregard sleeping, eating, social interaction, and physical activity in order to meet a deadline or finish up a story.

Risks Associated with Writers and Sedentary Lifestyle

Not getting enough physical activity can be a huge health risk. Writers don't need to adopt a rigid exercise schedule, but attempts need to be made in order to get some form of exercise every day.

The risks for writers and sedentary lifestyle, however, are too great to ignore.

  • Weight gain is an obvious risk.
  • The risk for certain diseases is elevated with a lack of physical activity:
    • Diabetes
    • Certain forms of cancer
    • Heart disease
  • Cognitive performance may be affected by a lack of physical activity.

The Solution

Writers with sedentary lifestyles do not have to dramatically alter their daily routine, although they must make some attempt at integrating exercise into their day. The exercise does not even have to be incredibly rigorous because great benefits can be derived from light physical activity.Simple activities such as brisk walking or riding a bicycle can be sufficient forms of exercise for writers without major health issues or obesity problems. Equally important is the need to get up and stretch throughout the workday. Many writers get so involved in their work that they simply forget to watch the clock and to stand and stretch while writing. Sitting for long periods of time without moving can cause plenty of negative health issues.

Writers should set alarms - either on their computer or using a clock - to remind them to stand up and stretch throughout the day. A quick stretch every hour will keep the blood circulating optimally while also giving the muscles a chance to move around a little instead of staying in one spot for long periods of time.

The Added Benefit of Movement

Some of the best ideas can come to writers when they aren't even sitting in front of the computer or paper. A short stroll around the block or a quick dip in the pool may be just what you need to get back on track with your writing.

Sometimes writer's block is nothing more than your mind telling you that your body needs to get up and move around a little. Instead of sitting and laboring over the words that just won't come, get up and move around and see if that helps your mind start working well again. The benefit of physical activity for writers is twofold because it helps body and mind.

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Writers and Sedentary Lifestyle