Web Page Writing Cost

Make sure you are paid fairly for your writing work.

Having a formula for determining Web page writing cost is crucial to your success as a freelance writer.

Hourly Rate vs. Project Cost

Obviously, the easiest way for you to determine your freelance writing fees is to simply set an hourly rate for your work. Unfortunately, many clients in search of Web page writing services prefer to pay by the project. Setting a flat fee for Web page writing makes it easier for clients to properly budget for the cost of a particular project, but makes it your responsibility to be sure you are fairly compensated for your time.

Three Key Factors in Setting Freelance Writing Fees

Research, revisions, and rights are the three most important factors to consider when quoting a Web page writing cost to a potential client.


How much research is involved in the project? While you may be able to write about children's crafts with little or no research, preparing an article about the most common treatments for skin cancer is likely to require a bit more time. If you will need to spend hours reviewing similar Web sites, visiting local libraries, or conducting interviews, the price quoted for the project needs to reflect this. Take your preferred hourly rate and multiply it by the amount of time you've spent researching similar projects in the past, allowing a bit extra to cover any unexpected problems that may occur.


Who will be allowed to request revisions on your work? It's standard for a client to be allowed one set of revisions if he or she is unhappy with your work. However, if you're writing for a company that requires four or five different people to approve your work, you may be looking at multiple rounds of revisions before the Web page is considered complete. In this case, your bid for the project needs to have a statement about how you'll handle charges for requested revisions.


Who will retain the rights to your work once the project is completed? If the client wants all rights for the project, you won't be able to sell your writing again. If the client is only asking for non-exclusive rights, you'll have the potential to earn extra income through reprints in the future. Therefore, it's customary to charge less for Web page writing that involves non-exclusive rights.

Other Factors to Consider When Determining Web Page Writing Cost

Other factors you may want to consider when determining Web page writing cost include:

  • When you're just starting out as a freelancer, you're not going to be able to charge the same rates as someone with several years of experience and a proven track record. This doesn't mean you need to work for pennies, but it's important to be realistic about what your services are worth.
  • For many freelance writers, having a byline for their work is considered extremely important. Without a written credit acknowledging you as the author of a piece, it can be hard to include an article in your portfolio. If you're working on a project that doesn't involve a byline, you may wish to raise your price a bit to reflect this fact.
  • In many cases, writers will offer a slight discount over their normal rates for a client who will be providing ongoing work instead of a one-time project. If you decide to take this approach, however, make sure the client knows your rate has been reduced for this reason.
  • When you're having trouble finding enough work to keep busy, it may be worth lowering your rates slightly just to line up some more projects. As you gain experience and clips for your portfolio, it will be much easier to demand a higher price for your writing. Remember that there's no shame in doing what is necessary to pay the bills!
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Web Page Writing Cost