Photograph Writing Prompts

Fun Photograph Writing Prompts

Whether you're teaching a creative writing class or trying to overcome a case of writer's block yourself, photograph writing prompts can be a useful tool. By describing what's in the picture and imagining the story behind the image, you're sure to get your creative juices flowing.

To begin, tell the story of how you think the couple in this photograph first met. Do you think they are really as happy as they appear?

Mother and Daughter

Why is this woman mad at her daughter? Do you think she ever secretly wishes she never had children?

Another Day at the Office

How does this man feel about his job? What type of career does he think he would be best suited for?

Fighting Again

How does the conflict in her parent's marriage affect this young girl? Do you think she'd be happier if her parent's divorced?

Happy Teens

What are these teenagers discussing?

Birthday Wishes

What is the birthday girl wishing for on this special day?

Riding a Bike

Tell the story of how this boy learned to ride his bike for the first time. How did he feel when he was finally able to keep up with his friends?

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Photograph Writing Prompts