Narrative Writing Prompts

Reaching a Goal

For those who aspire to improve their writing skills, narrative writing prompts can be a useful tool. In many cases, writers find that work begun as the result of a prompt can be revised and polished into a publishable piece. Narrative writing is widely used in short stories, novels, essays, and plays. To begin your narrative writing, tell a story about how you worked to achieve an important goal in your life, such as losing weight or learning a foreign language.

Failing to Prepare

Describe a time in which you had to take a test or make a presentation when you weren't properly prepared.

First Day at Work

Tell a story about your first day at a new job.

Bravery in Action

Describe a time in which you needed to be brave and go against the opinion of others.

Fighting with Mom

Tell a story about the biggest fight you ever had with your parents.

A Night to Remember

Describe the most memorable party you have ever attended.

Hurt Feelings

Tell a story about a time you accidentally hurt someone's feelings.

More Narrative Writing Prompts

Keeping a journal of the day's events can be a great way to build narrative writing skills. Need help getting started? Check out our journal writing prompts for inspiration.

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Narrative Writing Prompts