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Changing Seasons

Free writing prompts can be a useful tool when you're having trouble starting a project. While they're not an instant cure for writer's block, they can give you a subtle push in the right direction. LoveToKnow Freelance Writing has prepared a slideshow featuring several writing prompts to help inspire your creativity. Begin with the world outside your office. What literary themes can be represented by the changing seasons?

Freshly Fallen Snow

How do you feel when you walk though freshly fallen snow?

Angry Little Girl

What is this girl thinking about?

A Day in the Life

Describe a day in the life of a custodian.


If you were stranded far away from home and only had $20 in your wallet, what would you do?

Behind Bars

Why is this person in jail?

A Dog's Life

What is this dog looking at outside the window?

Happy Together

What are these people celebrating?

You're Fired!

Describe what happens to this man after he was fired from his job as the manager of a local lingerie store.

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Free Writing Prompts