Persuasive Writing Prompts

Prompts for Persuasive Prose

Writing prompts can be useful if you're struggling to formulate a convincing argument in conversations or when writing essays. The topic suggestions in this slideshow will help to hone your persuasive writing skills. Use them to start a free-writing exercise or journal entry, or transform them into a speech or other work suitable for publication.

Campaign Speech

You will have to learn how to be persuasive if you ever run for public office or any position where you need to be elected. Imagine that you are doing just that! What you would you say in your first campaign speech in order to inspire people to vote for you instead of another candidate?

Prize Winnings

You just lost your job and you don't have an emergency fund saved. A representative from a TV reality show calls your home and announces your family is in the running for a grand prize of $100,000. What would you say to convince the TV executive that your family deserves this money?

Stay in School

Imagine that a young person you really care about (your niece, nephew, or even your own kid) is thinking about dropping out of high school. What would you say to convince him or her that getting an education is well worth the time and effort it will take?

Political Activism

Do you feel strongly that people should get actively involved in political causes that reflect their beliefs? What would you say to convince other individuals to consider speaking out and standing up for causes that matter to them?

Encourage Recycling

Want to encourage your employer, school or neighbors to be more vigilant when it comes to recycling? Write a pitch to convince them to take action and implement a recycling initiative.

Pet Adoption

Do you wish more people would adopt shelter pets rather than buying animals from flea markets, pet stores or breeders? Put your pen to paper and craft a compelling argument in favor of saving pets from the local shelter.

Charitable Donations

Feel strongly about the work of a particular charitable organization? Want to help support their efforts? Write a pitch letter or blog post designed to encourage other people to donate money in support of the group's work. Consider offering the finished piece to the organization as a personal donation with the potential to keep on giving!


Not everyone has money to donate to a charity, but just about anyone can find a way to share their time and talent with a worthwhile cause. Craft a convincing argument in favor of volunteerism, touting key reasons to get involved with helping out with important causes as well as the rewards associated with giving of yourself in this way.

Sufficient Sleep

Do you have a friend or family member who burns the candle at both ends? Think about what you'd say if you had the chance to convince them why they really need to find a way to get a sufficient amount of sleep. Craft a compelling argument (and consider using it in a real life conversation)!

Take a Vacation

Entirely too many people don't use all the vacation time they accrue at work, but employers offer this kind of benefit for a reason (several, actually). They wouldn't give vacation time if they didn't want workers to actually use it! Write a compelling argument explaining key reasons why it's important to take a break from work.

Get Moving

Everyone knows people who say they don't have time to exercise. If you're one who gets the importance of staying active, use what you know to convince your friends and family that they really need to get up and get moving. If your argument is really compelling, you'll be able to convince them that they don't have time not to exercise!

New Adventures

Looking to get out of the rut of doing the same old things over and over? Ready for something new but want to convince others to accompany you? From kayaking to mountain biking, put your persuasive skills to work writing a compelling argument to solicit friends or family members to join you in seeking new adventures!

Practice Makes Perfect

The more time you spend practicing your persuasive writing skills, the more polished your abilities will become. In addition to using writing prompts, consider reviewing persuasive writing samples to sharpen your knowledge in this area. For additional practice, try your hand at writing persuasive essays and speeches. You'll become skilled at the art of influencing others with your words in no time at all.

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Persuasive Writing Prompts