Salary Range for Grant Writer

Writing grants can be financially rewarding

Knowing the salary range for grant writers is an essential piece of information for writers looking for new writing opportunities.

Grant writing can be an interesting and rewarding career and one that many freelance writers explore from time to time. Grant writers have the opportunity to get involved with a non-profit organization and really make a difference through their writing. The salary range for grant writers, however, varies greatly, based on a number of facts.

Factors that Affect the Salary Range for Grant Writers

There isn't a fixed pay scale for grant writers. There are many different elements that are taken into consideration when setting the salary or pay scale for a grant writing job. These include:


Experience has a major part to play in many careers and grant writing is no exception. Grant writers who are starting out and with little experience generally command a lower salary than those with more experience. There are many reasons for this, perhaps the most important being the fact that more experienced grant writers have a proven track record. A grant writer who has many years of experience can point to grant writing projects, assuming that they are not confidential, that have been successfully concluded. They will also know what makes a successful grant application and have experienced different scenarios. New grant writers do not have this experience base and are therefore often paid a lower salary.

According to the average salary for a grant writer in 2008 with less than one year's experience was $33,797. This rose to $53,788 for grant writers with between 10 and 19 years experience, dropping back to $50,351 for grant writers with over 20 years experience.


The geographical location affects the salary range for grant writers. The advent of the Internet however, has made communicating with organizations around the country, and indeed the world, extremely simple and has opened up opportunities that wouldn't have existed only a few years ago.


It almost goes without saying that the budget of a non-profit or other organization will affect what they can pay a grant writer. There is often a predefined budget that is set and this is the range that the organization has to work in. Even the best and most successful grant writers will be unable to move the salary range upwards if the money is not there to cover it.

More Information About Salary Ranges

The salary range for grant writers changes regularly depending on market conditions. To get absolutely up to date information take a look at some of these websites:

  • - search by job type and by post code for relevant information based on location
  • - the salary center has a search facility allowing users to find salary ranges for jobs
  • - the searchible database gives information for a range of jobs including grant writer

Commanding the Best Rates as a Grant Writer

Grant writers are often in competition with others when pitching for work. It is therefore important to make sure, when applying for a project, that the proposal and application are outstanding. There are some important things to cover and these include:


A non-profit organization is putting a tremendous amount of trust into its grant writer. The lives of others can be adversely affected by a bad grant application. The organization will therefore look for reassurance that the grant writer that they work with is 100% trustworthy and will do the best possible job for them.


An organization will look for a grant writer who has passion for the cause. A grant writer who can write a grant with passion is likely to be more successful than one who is non-plused about the subject. Even if confidentiality clauses preclude discussing any projects that have been successfully completed in a similar field, a grant writer can still demonstrate their enthusiasm and commitment to a cause.

Detailed Proposal

In order to command the highest possible salary, an organization will be seeking a full proposal that clearly lays out everything a grant writer will do and all the responsibilities that they will undertake. This is essential to ensure that there are no misunderstandings later.

A career as a grant writer can be both personally and financially rewarding. Knowing the pay scales offered can help grant writers fulfill their financial goals.

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Salary Range for Grant Writer