Professional Association for Editorial Writers

Professional Association for Editorial Writers

Are you looking to find and join a professional association for editorial writers? Professional associations are a great way for writers to interact with other people who are in the same line of work. Joining a great association can help you network, meet like-minded people, learn about new career opportunities, and give and receive support. This article will help you locate a professional association for editorial writers so you can start to share in the benefits of membership.

Where to Find a Professional Association for Editorial Writers

The main game in town as far as professional associations is the National Conference of Editorial Writers. The following information will introduce you to this influential and powerful group.

National Conference of Editorial Writers

The National Conference of Editorial Writers, or NCEW, is a non-profit professional organization that has been in existence for over fifty years. The goal of NCEW is to facilitate high-quality editorial writing in all forms of media including newspapers, the web, television broadcasting, and radio. They aim to achieve this goal through a variety of approaches.

First, the NCEW supports the editorial writers themselves through professional development and education programs. The thought is that the better editorial writers are versed in contemporary issues of importance to the general public, the more important, effective, and influential their writing will be.

But like any other type of writing, editorial writers do not work in a vacuum. For a writer to produce the best work possible, he or she needs to be operating within a landscape that is receptive to honest, thoughtful opinions. Issues like freedom of speech and editorial integrity are of the utmost importance if the work of editorial writers is to remain vital. Therefore, the NCEW also works diligently to advocate for the issues that are the most important to journalists.

Activities and Benefits

  • Annual Convention - The most important thing for anyone working in the field of journalism is to be in the center of the most vital debates and events of the moment. Seeing these issues first hand from a front row seat allows writers to respond to world events with confidence and conviction. One of the ways that the NCEW works to put its members in this situation is through their annual conventions. For example, the convention that will be held in September of 2009 in Salt Lake City will feature lectures by the Health and Human Services Secretary Mike Leavitt on health care reform, arguably the most contested issues of the year.
  • The Masthead - The Masthead is the NCEW's online magazine that highlights some of the industry's most important thinkers and writers in the field of editorial writing. The magazine has a features section, a symposium section that offers tips and suggestions for writers, an opinion pool where editorial writers weigh in on the field of editorial writing, and shop talk where writers can trade information about the industry.
  • Become a Member - There are additional benefits that are only available to members like access to the job bank and an e-mail list with hundreds of editorial writers and editors share information and support each other. You will also receive information on regional seminars and workshops in your area.

Regional Organizations

Most of the work any professional organization of editorial writers will be organized through the NCEW. Another major organization that also holds regional seminars and often works with the NCEW is the Society of Professional Journalists. Check out their website to see if there are any happenings that sound interesting.

Become a Member and Get Involved

Becoming a member in a professional organization can really take your career to the next level. The information and support that you receive can really make the difference between enduring your career and thriving in it. There is always more help out there than you realize, so get yourself involved and see what you can discover.

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Professional Association for Editorial Writers