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Pharmaceutical Copywriter

Learn about freelance writer pay.

A career as a pharmaceutical copywriter can be rewarding and provide regular work, if you have what it takes. Just as other copywriting careers help to sell products and services, the pharmaceutical counterpart is helping drug companies to sell their products. This includes anything from over-the-counter medications to herbal remedies and even prescription medications.

Pharmaceutical Copywriter Careers

In this particular industry, the pharmaceutical copywriter who is experienced and skilled will find a good number of jobs available to them. Because there is not as much competition in this field as in others, more openings are available. Even in economic downturns, these companies need to promote their products and in turn, positions here may be available.

Many pharmaceutical copywriter positions are work-from-home positions. Many of them are also independent contractor positions, where you will work for the company on a per-project basis, and not as an employee. Some larger companies do employ these individuals to handle marketing campaigns, online campaigns and print publications on a regular basis. These are often full time jobs for those who have a proven background in the industry.

Freelancers in a pharmaceutical copywriter position can make up to $100 an hour or more, depending on experience. Many start at $45 an hour. For those working full time, most make up to $75 an hour. There is room for promotion within companies. Many who do work with a company on a full-time basis may be able to move up to management positions and make considerably more per hour. Rates vary depending on location, the company and the amount of experience the copywriter has.

What the Job Entails

The day-to-day job of a pharmaceutical copywriter involves taking a pharmaceutical product and finding a creative and unique way to deliver a message regarding it. Often, these projects are information based, providing the public with information about what the drug is or what it does. Yet, it is up to the copywriter to take a rather dull subject and breathe life into it. The job often entails finding a way to make something that's boring, interesting. The job includes a wide range of activities. The copywriter must:

  • fully understand the product being written about
  • understand the benefits of the product
  • know the risks of taking the product
  • interview and write about patient experiences with the product
  • speak with doctors regarding the use of the product
  • investigate claims against the drug
  • write sales copy for the company
  • assist in marketing campaigns in all forms
  • work hand in hand with the company's executives to sell the product in a way that works for them.

These are only some of the day-to-day jobs of a full time copywriter in this field. Expect the company you work with to set specific goals and work requirements for you, as each position is different.

Finding a Job as a Pharmaceutical Copywriter

Regardless of if you are looking for a full time job as a copywriter or would like to work freelance, finding a job will be the most challenging aspect. Be sure you have the qualifications needed, which often includes some copywriting experience, a degree in marketing or similar qualifications.

Freelance Copywriting

Many of these jobs are available online. Freelance copywriters can find employment advertised through various online forums. Using job boards and freelance web sites can hrlp an individual with qualifications to find the specific employment they are looking for.

  • provides copywriting positions in the pharmaceutical genre specifically. These are full time and part time positions, both employment and freelance, as they are available.
  • Yahoo! Careers also provides regular listings for copywriters in this field. Consider signing up for their free alerting service to let you know when positions are open.
  • is one of the largest resources for both freelance and full time employment positions. They regularly have a list of pharmaceutical copywriter, medical copywriter and junior/senior positions available in this field.

Finding employment within this field often requires regular searching. For those who will be telecommuting, having experience and contacts with local pharmaceutical companies can also be helpful.

Pharmaceutical Copywriter