Online Writing Jobs for Beginners

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If you're new to the freelance markets, you may be wondering where you can find writing jobs. The Internet has many places where new freelancers can begin to establish writing samples and earn income. These sites are an excellent way to get the experience you need to build a successful career as a professional writer.

Revenue Sharing Sites

Revenue sharing sites allow you to write on various topics. In return, you receive a small share of ad revenue based on the actual number of people who click through to advertisements. Revenue sharing sites are a good way to establish clips of your writing that you can use in your portfolio.

Revenue sharing sites are one way to have a small but steady stream of passive income. However, it may take a while for you to establish any appreciable income on such websites, and your success depends largely on your ability to write articles that generate traffic.


Helium pays writers a share of ad revenue for writing content in its online marketplace. Helium offers several ways to make money, including:

  • Revenue sharing
  • Contests
  • Claiming jobs from content sources (pre-approval is required)

Helium does have content standards in order to earn revenue sharing income.


Hubpages allows you to create hubs about your favorite topics. For example, you can create a recipe hub and fill it with articles about your favorite recipes. Anyone can create a hub. However, there are quality standards required in order to have pages published and featured for revenue.

  • To make money on Hubpages, you sign up with the site's ad partners.
  • Writers choose a topic (a hub) and then begin populating it with content.
  • When readers click through the ads in the hub, writers earn a small portion of the revenue.

Bidding Sites

New writers can also build a portfolio of work with online bidding sites. People needing content post jobs on these sites, and writers send bids to potential clients. The client then chooses the writer whose bid they would like to accept. Bids typically include:

  • Price
  • Terms
  • Time of delivery
  • Writing samples
  • A description of relevant experience

The sites typically require freelancers create an onsite profile, and most have some type of a feedback system for both prospective employers and writers.


Upwork allows freelancers to submit proposals on posted jobs. To get started, freelance writers must create a profile. They can then search available jobs and submit proposals.

  • Anyone can create a profile and submit proposals for available work.
  • Writers can receive payments in multiple ways including PayPal and Direct Deposit.
  • There is a 10 percent charge on all payments made to freelancers.
  • All work is managed within the Upwork platform, which uses an online time tracker as well as taking periodic screenshots of the writer's computer to ensure they are working as indicated.


Guru is another bidding site where prospective employers post jobs and freelancers submit bids. The project is managed entirely through the Guru website, from initial job posting to delivery and payment.

  • Anyone can create a profile and submit bids on Guru.
  • The website uses SafePay, where the employer pays Guru before freelancers begin working. Guru makes the payment when the work has been delivered satisfactorily.
  • Payments can be made via PayPal, Direct Deposit, or a prepaid debit card.
  • Freelancers can upgrade memberships for more bid visibility and more access to jobs. There is a fee to upgrade.
  • Guru charges either a 7.45 or 11.95 percent fee on income made, depending on membership level.


iFreelance is a membership bid site. Freelancers must purchase a membership, which starts at $6.25 per month. The most expensive membership is less than $15 per month.

  • Membership levels control portfolio size, number of jobs you can apply for, and position in the bidding and directory structure.
  • Regardless of membership level, there is no commission taken on earnings.
  • iFreelance doesn't offer free memberships.
  • The site allows freelancers to directly advertise to prospective clients, as well as to submit bids on posted jobs.

Job Leads

New freelance writers can also try their hand at pursuing posted job leads. The application process for such leads vary, but you can find job leads on a number of websites, including:

Qualifications for Online Writing

To make money writing online, you should meet a few basic requirements:

  • Access to a computer with a reliable Internet connection
  • Strong grasp of English spelling and grammar
  • Able to manage time effectively
  • Substantial knowledge in one or more specialty areas, such as health, home improvement, or technology

Building a Career as an Online Writer

If you're interested in making money by writing online, keep in mind the following helpful tips:

  • Know how to protect yourself. Unfortunately, the growth of online writing opportunities has led to a number of scam artists hoping to take advantage of people who want to work from home. Get as many project details in writing as possible, and be cautious of anyone offering something that seems too good to be true.
  • Don't let people talk you into writing for free.
  • Don't advertise your beginner status, and don't lie about your experience either. Instead, find ways to establish online content, such as blogging.
  • Do your best to keep your clients happy, even if it means making the occasional revision that you don't agree with. Satisfied clients provide good recommendations and referrals, which you'll need if you want steady work.
  • Be careful about what personal information you allow online. As a freelance writer whose potential clients will research you online, your online reputation is extremely important.

The Beginning

The above websites allow you to begin your career as a freelance writer by developing an online presence and reputation, as well as establishing a portfolio of professional work. With hard work and dedication, it can be the beginning of a successful freelance writing career.

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