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BookRix: Social Networking for Writers

BookRix is a free social networking community for writers. It provides a way for new and established writers to publish their work online. Upon registration, members get a profile page that they can personalize with photos, videos, or blog posts.

Recently, Mark Penstone, a spokesperson for BookRix, took time out of his busy schedule to answer LoveToKnow's questions about this online resource for writers and readers.

Interview with BookRix's Mark Penstone

LoveToKnow (LTK): Why start a social networking site for writers?

Mark Penstone (MP): Gunnar Siewert, one of the co-founders of BookRix, came up with the idea for the site from his wife. She wanted to publish her books and get her work known and was looking for the "My Space" of the writing world. They looked on the Net and were surprised not to find anything. Gunnar had worked in the music industry for many years and was familiar with the power of MySpace in helping new musicians find an audience. He wanted to create a similar platform for writers to showcase their work. Video has YouTube, photographers have fliker and now authors have BookRix.

We see BookRix as an alternative and complement to traditional publishing. Writers are always looking for audiences; we want to be a highly trafficked portal for writers and readers. We want new talent to show their work on our site and launch their careers with us. Writing is a solitary activity and writers need a place to brainstorm and get ideas from each other. Not everyone lives near writing classes or writing groups. Some people would rather share their work in an Internet community rather that in a class or writing group.

Publishing on BookRix

LTK: How does an author get his or her work published on BookRix?

MP: Authors upload their work from their word processing program (MS Word) directly to the Bookrix site and the file is converted to a flip-book format. Authors can upload their own cover files or they may create one using the templates on the Bookrix website.

LTK: What types of content can an author upload to BookRix?

MP: Books (fiction and non-fiction), plays, poems, essays, manga, comics or any other written work.

BookRix Advantages

LTK: What are the advantages of uploading material to BookRix for authors? For readers?

MP: The author retains all rights to the books. BookRix does not take away any copyright from the authors.

BookRix has a ViewRix technology that does not allow copying or pasting from the site. Therefore, the writer may be assured that his or her work is safe on the site.

BookRix Helps New Writers

LTK: Do you have any other information you would like to share with LTK readers about BookRix?

MP: The publishing industry is changing so fast that it doesn't know what to do with itself and how to adjust to what is going on with the Internet. BookRix is the new face of publishing. We want authors to be able to bypass the bureaucratic process of finding an agent by sending out many manuscripts and then waiting months for responses.

New talent can be found and celebrated much quicker via the Internet than from the old "send me your manuscript" and then wait six months to be told "No". The reality is 249 out of 250 manuscripts are rejected and most publishers are only printing guaranteed success, i.e. existing authors and or celebrities.

We want authors to get publishing contracts, build up their fan base, publish on their own and do whatever they like to be successful. BookRix gives the author control of their work.

For more information, please visit the BookRix web site.

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Online Self Publishing: BookRix Interview