Occupational Outlook for Freelance Writers


The occupational outlook for freelance writers has never been brighter. In recent years, there has been an explosion of opportunities for freelance writers. New mediums have opened up new doors, and the future will only continue to further increase the need for freelance writers.

What Is a Freelance Writer?

Many writers are known as freelance writers. Freelance writers tend to be self-employed writers who sell their written work to those who contract them for their services.

What Changed the Occupational Outlook for Freelance Writers?

Major advances in electronic communications on the Internet have changed the occupational outlook for freelance writers. Whereas before, freelance writers were primarily dependent upon print publication, new medias have created an unprecedented desire for freelance writers. Every day, there are more freelance job opportunities in online web writing. There are many online courses for writing on the web which can get you started.

Expected Growth for Freelance Writers

The employment of freelance writers is already on the rise, yet this is only the beginning. Employment of writers is anticipated to grow just as fast as the average for all other occupations through the year 2012. Just because there will be many opportunities for freelance writers does not mean that everyone will receive unlimited work. Competition is also expected to increase, as many talented people with writing and journalism backgrounds are attracted to the freelance writing occupation.

Employment for writers who work on salary is also expected to increase. This means that magazines, newspapers, book publishers, and non-profit organizations will have an increased need for writers. Magazines are especially becoming diversified, as they tend to create an ever increasing number of market niches by appealing to a very specific interest in their readers. Businesses and organizations are all beginning to develop newsletters and web sites, and the Internet tends to be the main means for corporate publishing.

Employers of Freelance Writers

Many people wonder, how do I become a freelance writer? Though the overwhelming majority of freelance writers are self-employed, they usually work for multiple different employers on a wide array of subject matter. Many freelance writers work with publishers and editors on very specific job assignments. Others write for Internet publishing companies, magazines, newspapers, television and radio stations, web sites, public relations and advertising agencies, manufacturing firms, motion picture industries, and non-profit organization, among many other employers. Basically, there is no limit to what material a freelance writer can write, or who can hire a freelance writer.

Types of Freelance Writers

There are many different types of freelance writers. Most freelance writers tend to have a specialty, such as technical or financial writing. Others write annual corporate reports, speeches, press releases, manuals, or brochures. Many freelance writers translate languages, while others create original content. The gauntlet for freelance writers is infinite, and there are no limitations to the type of content a freelance writer can write.

Many freelance writers focus on specific niches, such as travel writing or food writing. By specializing on a specific type of writing, freelance writers are able to build up their portfolio of published work they can use to show their knowledge and experience on the subject. A company looking to hire a technical writer for a new medical device is much more likely to hire someone who has written about such a topic rather than a freelance writer who applies for the same position, yet shows examples of travel writing.

Best Type of Freelance Writers

There is no best type of freelance writer. However, certain types of writing will experience a greater demand for writers than others. The best opportunities are expected to be for technical writers and writers who are trained in a specific, specialized field. For instance, law, economics, and medicine are anticipated to increase greatly because of the continuous expansion of technical and scientific information. Somebody must be able to interpret this often abstract information and communicate this material in a general way that everybody will be able to understand. This is where the freelance writer comes in. Make sure to wear your sunglasses, because the outlook for freelance writers has never been brighter.

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Occupational Outlook for Freelance Writers