List of Self Publishing Companies

Self Publishing Companies

If you've written or plan to write a book, you may find yourself bewildered as you look over the list of self publishing companies available today.

Is Self Publishing Good or Bad?

The question of whether self publishing is good or bad has no right or wrong answer because not all writers have the same goals. Self publishing can be an alluring concept for writers who want to get published, but haven't found a traditional publisher who wants their idea. In the past, writers had no choice but to resubmit to different publishers in hopes that along the way they'd receive that much coveted acceptance letter.

Self publishing, on the other hand, provides a solution to this problem. It gives the author more control. It is a way to get your book published when everyone else says no. Some of the other aspects writers find attractive include:

  • It allows for a distinctive addition to the creative process.
  • It allows the author to control every aspect of authoring.

On the down side, if you're a struggling author, you may not have the funds necessary to self publish. This money goes toward expenses like:

  • Manuscript preparation and editing
  • Book design
  • Printing
  • Marketing

Resources to Help You Choose the Right Self Publishing Company

Plenty of self published authors have paved the way before you. They offer knowledge based on their good and bad self publishing experiences. Resources like Predators and Editors are connected to the publishing industry through those who use publishing services. While not all the publishers listed on this site are self publishing companies, you can check for publishers by name and see what others who have used them have to say and whether or not any [[Warnings About Self Publishing Companies|warnings] have been issued for the company you are considering.Another helpful resource is a book called The Fine Print of Self Publishing by Mark Levine. This book includes tips on what to look for as you wade through your list of self publishing companies. It includes things like:

  • 8 "must-have" qualities of a good self publishing company
  • How much profit each self publishing company makes every time you purchase copies of your book
  • Royalty amounts each publishing company pays out per sale from third-party retailers like
  • Information to help authors understand the "legalese" of a self publishing company's contract in order to avoid signing a bad contract
  • Detailed publishing contract reviews for 45 self publishing companies
  • Analysis of various self publishing packages
  • Which self publishing companies to avoid

List of Self Publishing Companies for Writers and Authors

The following list is for informational purposes only. Writers and authors will need to do their research to be sure the company is ethical and meets their publishing needs:

Difficulties to Consider with Self Publishing

Before you decide to self publish, it is important to note that the process will require both your time and your money. After you spend that time and money, most major retailers will refuse to carry your book (or any self published title). Also, it is difficult to find quality reviewers willing review self published books. Even if you do, most major media won't print reviews of self published books. If you accept these difficulties as part of your publishing plan, roll up your sleeves. Once you get the book printed, you still have plenty of work to do including:

  • Publicity
  • Shipping
  • Invoicing
  • Accounting
  • Promotions
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List of Self Publishing Companies