Grants for Canadian Writers

Canadian Grants for Writers

Grants for Canadian writers are available from numerous sources on the federal and local levels.

Where to Find Grants for Canadian Writers

Grants are out there, but where? If you're wondering where to find grants for Canadian writers, the following resources will provide a great start to your research:

Canada Council for the Arts

The Canada Council for the Arts presents a variety of grants for professional Canadian writers. These grants offer support for Canadian literature in the following ways:

  • creation
  • translation
  • publication
  • promotion

Funding is also used to pay for author residencies, literary readings and festivals, and other activities related to the proliferation of Canadian literature.

The Writers' Trust of Canada

The Writers' Trust reaches out to support the works of Canadian writers with annual awards and prizes which give writers the time and resources they need to sharpen their craft. Some of these awards include:

Newfoundland and Labrador Arts Council

The Newfoundland and Labrador Arts Council is a nonprofit organization. They work with the government and community to promote the arts of the province with financial assistance.

The Ontario Trillium Foundation

This foundation receives $100 million of government funding annually. Check their application materials to see how to apply.

Preparing to Write Your Proposal

Once you decide which grants to apply for, the work begins with writing the grant proposal. Check the guidelines for the grant you plan to target as proposals can range from short documents of 2-3 pages or may require a complete set of developed documents that include details like:

  • project plans
  • budgets
  • other specific details

Take the time and diligence to put together a professional proposal and it will increase your chances of receiving the grants for Canadian writers for which you apply.

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Grants for Canadian Writers