Freelance Copywriter Rates

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Determining freelance copywriter rates can be a daunting task. How do you put a reasonable price on your capabilities? The rate is not written in stone, but rather fluctuates greatly between writers, companies, and individuals. One writer might charge $300 for a project, while another might charge $1,000. There might even be someone else who would offer a low bid to do the same project for $50.

For somebody who is just thinking about jumping into the crazy world of freelance writing, rates are an important consideration.

How Much Should Copywriters Charge?

A good freelance writer will always want to find a client who pays well, but how much is too much to ask for? What should the rate be for your services?

Overhead, experience, and geographic location are the three main factors that freelance copywriters must consider before deciding exactly what their rates should be. Geographic location and how much it will cost you each month to do business are easy to figure out, but one question new copywriters often have is about experience.

How can you get clients if you have no previous work to show them? A lot of new freelance copywriters believe that they should work for free to build up their portfolio of published work. This is not always wise. By writing a few articles yourself, you can have a sample of your writing style and capabilities so you have something to show to obtain new work. Most freelancers tend to increase their rates as they gain more experience.

Calculating Freelance Copywriter Rates

Writing Assist offers an online chart that can help you determine your copywriting rates. It all depends on your specific situation. The more projects you get and the more clients you obtain, the more money you'll be able to earn. The cost should vary from project to project, depending on the specifics of the project at hand, since some will be easy and others more difficult. You must incorporate how much time each project will likely take.

You want to have a freelance copywriting rate that is not so small that you are working for nothing, but not so large that it scares off potential clients. This is a tough balance to set. However, as a general rule, it is better to have a few lower paying jobs than no jobs at all. If you can work for five cents a word and pull in enough income to cover all your expenses, then why set your rate at 50 cents per word? Of course, many copywriters with specialties do charge even more than this.

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Freelance Copywriter Rates