Freelance Automotive Writer Wanted

Freelance Automotive Writer

Web sites and publications running "freelance automotive writer wanted" ads are looking for specialists and experts to submit original articles on subjects related to motor vehicles and automotive technology.

Automotive Articles

Automotive articles cover any number of topics. Each market has guidelines and topics they assign or will consider. The tone of the article should be that of an authority, so adding quotes from experts is a plus if you haven't established yourself as an expert. If you are writing on spec, consider the following topics to get your ideas flowing:

  • Help for people shopping for a used car
  • Automobile enthusiasts
  • Antique cars
  • Auto shows
  • Historical/nostalgic pieces
  • Photo features
  • Technical articles
  • Biographies
  • Interviews
  • Advice
  • Trends
  • Racing
  • News features
  • Four wheelers
  • Classic trucks
  • Hot rods

Establish Yourself as an Expert

If you have the automotive knowledge but not the expert status, start a blog to help establish your authority. Peruse the following list of blogs to get ideas for articles and the flavor of automotive writing:

Along with checking out what's on the Internet, look at your daily newspaper and favorite automotive magazines. What kind of auto stories are in the news? What stories can you identify with? This will help you determine your area of expertise.

If you are just breaking into the market, you can write articles and submit them to online article directories or query the publication of your choice. The following directories accept automotive articles and will help get your name out there:

Along with writing articles, be sure to set up a blog of your own and seek out opportunities to speak or put together a newsletter or ezine. As you gain your expert status, be sure to put together a media kit make your information easily available for those interested in your writing services. Let it be known that you are also willing to do interviews.

Automobile Magazine Markets

As with any market, the price range you can expect per article for automotive writing depends on how long the article is and what the individual publisher is offering. The following magazines accept submissions from freelance writers:

Freelance Automotive Writer Wanted Markets

Whether you're an established or emerging writer starting a freelance writing business, finding markets for your work keeps you in the freelance business. You can find "freelance automotive writer wanted" opportunities along with other markets at the following sites:

Another option for freelancers is to look for employers seeking automotive articles at a job auction site like This online resource allows freelancers to market their skills to a global audience. They provide a few different membership possibilities, including one that's free. When you see a listing that interests you as a freelancer, you bid on the project and submit a proposal. Templates provided make the process easier than you think.

Freelancers use to search for and find freelance jobs. Another benefit for using a service like this is that they include a "safe pay" feature to help make sure the freelancer gets paid for the work. The feedback feature also helps to establish your expert status as long as you stay consistent and receive high ratings for quality work. Good ratings also help to secure future freelance projects regularly.

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Freelance Automotive Writer Wanted