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Freelance Agronomic Writing

Heather Long
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Freelance agronomic writing helps explain the world of science, agriculture, the environment, food, natural resources and biotechnology.

Beginning Freelance Agronomic Writing

Freelance agronomic writing is a swiftly growing field for writers with experience in science, food, natural resources and agriculture. Agronomic writing provides materials and resources for the media, farm graduates, extension workers, farmers, ranchers and others in the agricultural field.

Processing Farm Information

Farm and agricultural information are at the heart of agronomic writing. Farmers, ranchers and other naturalists look to agronomic writers for new information on techniques, innovations and trends in the industry.

Growing Agronomic Writing

Agronomic writing combines your love of agriculture with your love of writing. You have to be interested and capable of communicating health, environment, science and agricultural news to a specific audience. Agronomic writing is not based just in the domestic U.S., but appeal to an international audience including India, China and more. These nations are developing their agricultural processes and look to agronomic writing as a primary resource.

Degrees in Agronomic Writing

Agricultural journalism is a fast growing major in many colleges around the United States. Students are expected to take courses in news writing, broadcast news, editing, design, advertising, agricultural economics, forestry, animal and plant science and much more. Farm journals, dailies and weekly newspapers are looking for experienced agronomic writers to provide succinct, well-written articles capable of transmitting scientific information in layman's terms.

International Federation of Agricultural Journalists

The International Federation of Agricultural Journalists is a non-political entity that supports agricultural journalists and writing in 29 different countries. They sponsor a contest each year. Stories entered should feature wide agricultural interest.

Farm Journal Magazine

Farm Journal Magazine offers a prime example of agronomic writing. Articles address the effects of storms on soybean crops, dairy updates, what countries to watch for growing agricultural innovations and more. Agronomic writers are a premium resource for this journal and many others.

Agriculture on the Web

Freelance writers looking to break into agronomic writing on the web should begin their search at The Stackyard. This website features many online agricultural journals and periodicals. Before submitting any material, always read the writer's guidelines and be well educated in the topics you are choosing to write about.


Agronomy is the science and technology of using plants as fiber, fuel, food and more. Areas of agronomy that may be featured strongly in agricultural writing include the use of biofuels, plant breeding, harvesting techniques, crop rotation, growing techniques, land reclamation and more.

Green Living

Green living is another area of agronomic writing that freelancers may wish to explore. Insect and pest control are huge issues for farmers. Agronomic writers for green living could write about how managing pest control without the use of harmful pesticides benefits farming practices, the environment and the farmers who are researching potential products to use.

Agronomic Writing Resources

Agronomic writers may find good research material and resources at the:

Freelance Agronomic Writing