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Free writing tools online help writers of all types accomplish their writing tasks and perfect their craft. Whether you are looking for a tool to help jump start your creativity or a flashy new word processor to help organize your thoughts, here are the top free writing tools online.

Word Processors and Collaborative Writing Tools

  • OpenOffice - This is an open source version of the major manufacturer suite of office programs. The Open Office Writer program is a fully functional word processing program with spell check, grammar check, auto-formatting and other helpful features. This suite of programs downloads to your computer.
  • Zoho - This company offers a variety of web based programs, including an online word processor and document manager.
  • Write Board - This collaborative writing program is perfect if you are working on a group project or need frequent input from your client. The entire program is web based, allowing many users to login and edit the content.
  • Text Edit - A downloadible word processing program for Mac users.

Dictionaries and Reference Materials

  • - This free writing tool online is the digital version of Roget's dictionary.
  • Merriam Webster Online - The online version of this particular dictionary.
  • Web Grammar - This informative site offers articles on the most common grammatical errors, as well as weekly e-mail tips to polish your grammar skills.
  • Common Errors in English - This comprehensive list gives you a basic overview of the most common errors that occur when writing. Reviewing it from time to time is a great way to learn to write better.
  • Urban Dictionary - Need to brush up on the latest slang? This dictionary has a complete list of the phrases, terms and lingo that are being used in popular culture.
  • Guide to Grammar and Writing - This website offers several drop down menus that allow you to explore basic and complex grammar subjects.

Research Tools

  • - This is a searchible database of free books available in the public domain. You can use this resource to find information on subjects, including books to help with your grammar and writing.
  • New York Times Knowledge Network - This database includes articles from the New York Times Circulation Department going back several decades. It's a good place to start researching world and national events, including scientific studies and financial matters.
  • Google Scholar - This division of Google offers a wide range of full books and excerpts from books.
  • Copyscape - Worried that your work is being reprinted without your permission? The free version of this anti-plagiarism tool allows you to enter your URL. The tool searches the Internet for your content. It will even flag slight variations of your content that meet the standards for plagiarism. This tool comes in handy when you have a client that receives your work and then disappears without paying.

Free Writing Tools Online for Your Business

  • TimeStamp - This small but helpful program will allow you to calculate exactly how much time you spent on a writing project. You can track several projects at once and even include "slack" time.
  • Printable CEO - Setting goals and sticking to them is essential to freelance success. With this series of printable PDF forms, you can evaluate your goals, assess your time management skills and create daily work schedules that allow you to reach those goals efficiently.
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