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Free creative writing software can be immensely helpful when you set out to write your next fiction piece. There are plenty of programs out there that are perfect for the budding novelist or creative writer. They can:

  • Help you organize your thoughts
  • Offer writing prompts to get your mind whirring
  • Offer advice and inspiration
  • Help you format your novels, screenplays, and more
  • In the case of free demos, they allow you to weed out the programs that won't help you before you go through the trouble of purchasing and installing the real deal
  • Help with minor editing by checking grammar, spelling, etc.
  • Assist you in character development

Find Your Software

When you begin your search for free creative writing software, you may find that some programs are available for purchase rather than free. They've been miscategorized with the freebies. To save you from getting your hopes up only to find a $67 price tag, here's a list of free software to help you on your way to your next piece of fiction:

  • Free Download Manager's Dell Girl provides information and advice. It's an assortment of information from those in the writing, publishing, and marketing fields, so this advice should help you through all stages of getting a manuscript completed and published.
  • Creative Writing Guide's blog shows you where to get the free demo version of Power Writer. Unfortunately, there's no Macintosh version available, but PC users can enjoy help taking their initial ideas to manuscript form by following the outlining and development tools included in this program.
  • Write Brain has several writing program demos available, including Movie Magic Screenwriter (Windows and Mac). There is also a demo of Power Tracker, which assists writers in managing their files and tracking submissions.
  • Storymind has free demos of several amazing programs. Check out StoryWeaver, a step-by-step story development program; Movie Magic Screenwriter (mentioned above); Dramatica 4 Pro, story structuring software (you can check out screen shots); Final Draft 7, a screenplay formatter; Power Structure, a story organizer; and Between the Lines, another screenplay formatter.
  • Write Sparks has a Lite version of the program (also available in Premium and Gold versions). It's called a demo on the site, but it doesn't expire like many software demos do. It comes complete with a month's supply of writing prompts, called sparks, and you'll also receive articles and additional sparks in your email once you download it.
  • Ravens Head Services offers Write It Now for Windows and Mac users. This version allows you to view stories, come up with the best character names, create characters, come up with title names, and brainstorm for ideas.
  • Organized Writer is a calendar that offers inspirational quotes for writers, monthly focus activities, seasonal query recommendations, and a monthly goal tracker for those who set word count goals. It also allows you to track your sent queries.

Please note that some of these are merely demo versions of programs for sale. However, they do give you a glimpse into the programs you're considering so that you don't waste your money on software that won't work for you in the long run. The demos are of the real programs, but they are just very limited on what they can do.

The Bottom Line

Whether you need help with character analysis, character names, organization, or just getting your mind on the creative path, there is free creative writing software out there for you. You may be fine with using the demos indefinitely, as long as there's no expiration date. In some cases, you may enjoy the free demos so much that you wish to purchase the whole program. Try out a few software programs before jumping right into a major purchase. Either way, no matter which free software program or demo you choose, hopefully you will find the nudge you need to get that book or screenplay well on its way.

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Free Creative Writing Software