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Looking for fiction writer's web sites?

If you're looking for fiction writer's web sites, there are tons of places on the Internet where you can find information about your craft. Some websites are more informational, assisting writers in finding agents and publishers, and some provide forums where you can talk to others in your genre. Whether you write short fiction or novels, these sites can help you build your career!

Finding Fiction Writer's Web Sites

Which fiction writer's web sites are worth looking at? Here are a few sites that provide tons of resources for fiction writers. Some are paid membership, while others are free. Before paying for membership to any online service, be sure to check out their offerings to make sure you know what you're getting for your money. At the same time, it's important to remember that some paid sites are valuable assets, so don't dismiss them just because they charge a membership fee. is a great site that hosts a wealth of information. This free community offers all sorts of great perks, from writing tools to a email address. Also listed is information about classes, agents, publishers and more, so this is definitely a great free fiction writer's web site.

Writers Write

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What websites will work for you?

Writers Write is a great little site with lots of information. This free website posts forums, articles, details on getting published and tips for staying inspired. They have an extensive link section that will help you find countless other online resources.

Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America

Do you write science fiction or fantasy? Then you should check out the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America website. This organization has a ton of resources for people who write in these specific genres, including forums, mentoring programs and access to industry professionals. The SFWA also provides advocates and legal assistance to members, should the need arise.

Writers Digest

Perhaps one of the most extensive sites for writers, Writers Digest has all sorts of features for fiction writers. WD hosts industry articles, writing prompts, brain games, a Tip of the Day section, and a lot more. Be sure to check out their bi-monthly "Your Story" contest where participants compete to have their story printed in the print version of Writers Digest.

Freelance Success

Freelance Success is a paid forum, and for $100 a year you can discuss all sorts of topics with other members. While the entire site is not related to fiction, they do have a special forum where some well known fiction writers hang out. The yearly membership fee is well worth it once you hop on and get advice from people who have been writing successfully for many years.

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Fiction Writer's Web Sites