Erotica Writing Prompts

Creative Prompts for Erotica Writing

Having trouble deciding how to pen your next sexy scene? Use a few (or all!) of these erotica prompts to help plunge you into a juicy story on those days when your muse has a headache.

Meeting the Professor

Gabrielle has had a crush on her college psychology professor for two months. Today, he's asked her to meet him in his office to discuss recommending her for an important scholarship award.

A Case Too Hot to Handle

Julie, a stressed out lawyer with no time for a personal life, always works late. So does Tom, the ambitious young hunk in the mail room. What happens on the night Tom decides to drop off an overnight letter for the partner on Julie's floor?

Center of Attention

After divorcing her high school sweetheart and husband of 15 years, Christina decides she's ready to have some fun. She dresses in her sexiest outfit and heads out to a local dive bar, where she attracts the attention of sexy strangers vying for her affections.

The Riding Crop

Camilla waited impatiently at the back of the stable for the handsome young riding instructor to return with the bay mare, fingering a braided crop. His leather chaps hung on the hook beside her.

Best Friends, With Benefits

Amy leaned over compulsively and kissed the warm salty freckle on her best friend Brianna's shoulder. Then she shocked herself by undoing the clasp of her bikini top.

Biker Badness

College professor Deirdre accidentally locks herself out of her townhouse and has to ask the bad-boy biker next door for help.

Saving Samantha

Brad gets more of a job than he bargains for when he arrives to clean a pool and discovers a young woman floating unconscious at the deep end.

Castaway Island

Elena is castaway on an uninhabited island in the Pacific, the sole survivor of a shipwreck. One day she finds a footprint in the wet sand at the edge of the surf.

Artist's Model

As the afternoon wore on, Jasmine held pose after pose, each outfit skimpier than the last, while the Prince of Six-Packs snapped away. The only time he looked at her was through the lens.

Menage of the Gods

Aphrodite and Persephone broke off their shrieking and stared, open-mouthed and silent, as Adonis rose naked out of the sea.

Surprised by the Stranger

Trinity had no idea her roommate had given the key to the sexy stranger she met on the flight from London.

Shadows of the Party

His rough hands moved over her in the shadows just beyond the open door as the noise of the party guests covered her gasps.

Let Your Imagination Run Wild

Have fun with these - and jot down a few ideas of your own in a notebook. A prompt that tweaks your imagination might send you off into uncharted territory, on the trail of a sexy tale. Also check out the ideas in Writing Prompts or Daily Writing Prompts for those days when your temperamental muse is an unreliable no-show.

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Erotica Writing Prompts