Copywriter Job Description

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Though many people already know what a copywriter does for a living, for those who do not know, a copywriter job description is in order.

The Basic Copywriter Job Description

A copywriter is the individual who creates the text for advertisements, promotional brochures and other public relations outlets. A copywriter is the person who writes the words for the advertisements you find in magazines and newspapers. Copywriters are also the people who write the text for television commercials and radio ads. They write words for flyers, billboards, slogans, taglines, jingle lyrics, Internet content, press releases, catalogues and coupons. Copywriters wrote those fundraising requests and the direct mail packages that you receive in the mail. In addition, copywriters write a significant amount of material that you likely will not receive, such as promotional text for consumer related products of all persuasions.

Copywriters write the text of business to business advertising materials, such as the companies who sell products to distributors. For instance, all the advertisements from suppliers that promote medical equipment to hospitals and doctors' offices were written by a copywriter. Ads from pharmaceutical companies to doctors are also written by copywriters. Copywriting is not limited only to the field of medicine, however. In fact, copywriting is a pervasive practice for almost every type of business imaginable.

Copywriting is everywhere. Advertising agencies commonly refer to their written scripts as copy. It is for this specific reason that the term copywriter is given to those writers who create these scripts. There are no limitations to the work that copywriters do. Wherever something is being sold, there is usually a copywriter. A copywriter is an integral component behind the business, writing the words and advertising text that sells the product.

Fastest Growing Avenue of Copywriting

The Internet is exploding with new sites every minute. Since somebody needs to write all that new text, Web copy is perhaps the fastest growing avenue of copywriting. Web copy must be short, pithy, and to the point. It must also be easy to read. Web copy often contains search engine optimization techniques such as keywords. Just as there are many freelance job opportunities in online Web writing, there are many freelance job opportunities in Web copywriting.

Who Does a Copywriter Work For?

A copywriter can work for an advertising agency, a corporate marketing department, or as a freelance copywriter providing services to numerous clients. Advertising copywriters use their writing skills to try to persuade individuals into purchasing products and services. Freelance copywriter rates vary greatly, but in general copywriters make good money. Just as there is an optimistic occupational outlook for freelance writers, good copywriters are sure to be in high demand for many years to come.

Specific Copyright Niches

There is really no limit to the specific niches a copywriter can write about. Some of these or areas include:

  • Business to business
  • Business to consumer
  • Law
  • Medical
  • Technical
  • Health care
  • Political campaigns
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Fund raising
  • Sweepstakes
  • Travel
  • Press releases
  • Real estate
  • Cosmetics
  • Health care
  • Fashion
  • Cruises
  • Pets
  • Banking
  • Stock markets
  • Greeting cards
  • Sports
  • Outdoor living
  • News
  • Insurance
  • Multilingual
  • Education
  • Hobbies
  • Tourism

Do Copywriters Work Alone?

This depends on the situation. There is not always such a specific copywriter job description written in stone. Copywriters have different responsibilities which often vary depending on the client they work for. Many copywriters work in a corporate environment and must interact with a team of partners. This team often includes other copywriters, graphic designers, and the managers who want their interests delivered in a coherent and easy to read text. Sometimes, attorneys are present to make sure the wording is exactly as they need it to be. There are often many creative brainstorming sessions before the copywriter must do what the copywriter does best: write!

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Copywriter Job Description