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Sometimes when it comes to writing, getting started is the hardest part. No matter what genre you write, having a few creative writing prompts can help you break through that wall of writer's block and start… Keep reading »

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You know you want to write, and you have an idea about what you want to say but you are having trouble betting started. All freelance writers have times when no matter how hard they try, the words simply won't come easily. Whether you are having a hard time on a new project or have struggled with writer's block for some time, LoveToKnow is here to help.

Find out how to start a writing prompt, or see some specific ones that will help you with your creative writing efforts. Since not all writers are adults, LoveToKnow offers suggestions for how to get youngsters to start expressing themselves with words.

Do you work on a specific type of writing that you need some help with? We have suggestions for poets to help you express yourself in this manner. Writers who focus on narratives will find something here, too. We also offer suggestions for people who want help with a personal journal, offer suggestions on using photographs to get the creative juices flowing, and give you some suggestions for free resources that will help keep on working to express yourself while improving your craft.

Writing Prompts