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If you're interested in nonfiction writing, it's a great time to be working as a freelance writer. There are more jobs available than ever before, as long as you're willing to put in the required amount of work. Fortunately, LoveToKnow Freelance Writing is here to offer you the tips you need to learn how to land these great gigs! Our writers and editors are pleased to have the opportunity to share their experiences regarding what it takes to become successful in this industry.

Finding Opportunities in Nonfiction Writing

In addition to the traditional freelance opportunities for publication in newspapers and magazines, the Internet has opened up a wealth of job opportunities for freelance writers. Whether you're interested in crafts and cooking or sports and technology, there's a Web site available looking for writers to contribute their knowledge. Although the more prestigious sites do generally require a college degree in journalism or English and clips related to the subject matter, there are still many smaller companies willing to take a chance on writers with natural talent and plenty of enthusiasm.

Most writers enjoy seeing their names in print, but ghost writing is one area of nonfiction writing that you may wish to consider as you're planning your career path. Ghostwriters write books and articles for people who want to share their knowledge, but lack the required communications skills. They are well compensated for their work, but must remain anonymous.

Copywriting is also a big niche for the self employed freelance writer. The term copywriting refers to any text that is written with the purpose of selling or promoting a particular or service. Many different types of businesses hire copywriters to work on both print and Web marketing materials. While freelance copywriter rates can vary, this is often one of the more lucrative specialties in nonfiction writing.

Nonfiction Writing