Legal Issues for Writers

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A copyright provides writers (and other creators of art) protection from duplication of their original content by others without permission. Keep reading »

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Legal Issues for Writers

Writers are by nature creative people, but that doesn't mean they can afford to ignore the business aspect of their work. Writing isn't just about producing a wonderful article, an inspiring essay, or a bestselling novel. There are legal issues that writers need to be aware of as well. This is where LoveToKnow Freelance Writing is here to help.

Understanding Legal Issues for Writers

Not only do writers need to know whether titles, names and logos are protected under copyright legislation, but they need to know how long the copyright on their work will last. Since more writers are finding freelance success online, a good understanding of copyright laws and the Internet is essential.

Plagiarism is another issue that writers need to be familiar with. Not only is stealing someone else's work unethical, but it is illegal. Plagiarism checkers and specialized software can help to ensure that your work is unique.

Educating yourself about these legal issues for writers is just as important as learning different about writing styles and dealing with the business of freelance writing. Speaking of the business of freelance writing, you need to keep track of your income and expenses to estimate your taxes properly.

Legal Issues for Writers