Best Paying Web Content Writers Site

Web content writing can be lucrative if done right.

Determining what is the best paying web content writers site is a challenging task because of the independent and variable nature of the freelancing writing profession.

Per Word vs. Per Hour

While most people tend to think of their pay in terms of an hourly wage, freelance writers are usually paid by the word for their work. Examples of some common pay rates for web content writers include:

  • $3 for 100 words
  • $5 for 250-300 words
  • $10 for 400-500 words
  • $20 for 650 words
  • $30 for 1,000 words

Some web content writers sites will also offer bonuses and incentive pay for meeting certain goals for page views or article revenue.

Factors Affecting Writer Pay

When discussing the best paying web content writers site, it's important to keep in mind some of the factors that can influence the perception of whether or not a pay rate is fair for a particular assignment. For example:

  • General writing speed: As a freelance writer, you're allowed to set your own hours and write at your own pace. However, the most successful web content writers tend to be those who are in the habit of working quickly. Writers with a background in print journalism who are accustomed to only writing 1,000 words a week are likely to have problems with jobs that require filing one or two 500 word articles per day. On a similar note, mothers who are trying to work around a small child's nap schedule are going to find that they have a great deal of interruptions that negatively influence their writing speed.
  • Topic knowledge: If you're a technology expert, writing about new computer gadgets may be a quick assignment for you. If you can barely check your e-mail, however, this might not be the most profitable gig.
  • Time needed for research and interviews: Remember that writing often involves more than just typing at your computer. If a client expects you to conduct extensive SEO keyword research or interview subjects before writing an article, you'll need a higher pay rate to compensate for this added work.
  • Revision requests: Some web content sites will publish your articles with little or no editing. Others will send back articles on a regular basis asking you to revise your work. While the occasional revision request isn't unreasonable, too many will make an otherwise profitable assignment not worth your time.
  • Related expenses: In most cases, web content writers don't incur a lot of expenses while they work. However, an article that asks you to review a list of specific products or demonstrate the steps in a process might involve purchasing some supplies. While these expenses are tax deductible, they are still something you may wish to consider when determining if an assignment is worth your time.

What Is the Best Paying Web Content Writers Site?

As you're looking through online listings trying to find your next writing job, here are a few signs that a company probably pays well:

  • Education requirements: Companies that require writers with college degrees will pay more than those which simply ask that English be your native language.
  • Experience requirements: Generally, the best paying web content writers sites will ask for a resume that details your previous freelance writing experience.
  • Writing samples: A legitimate company will want to see samples of your previous work to make sure you have the skills to do the job well.
  • A professional demeanor: If the job listing is poorly written, the company's site is poorly designed, or you get the impression that the people who work there are not very reliable, think twice before accepting the assignment.

Money Isn't All that Matters

While it's smart business sense to want to earn as much money as possible for your writing, sometimes there are good reasons to accept a rate that is less than what you'd like. For example:

  • You'll get clips you can use for better paying jobs.
  • It's a chance to learn more about a topic you have a personal passion for.
  • The project offers steady work on a regular basis.
  • The client is easy to work for and you're making contacts that will help you line up future projects.
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Best Paying Web Content Writers Site